Fintech: Regulating today the financial technologies of tomorrow


Like so many other sectors in recent years, the finance industry is being rushed into the technological shift. Financial institutions, investors, regulators and software providers are engaged in structural changes that are shaping the finance of today and tomorrow. In a broad sense, these financial technologies are referred to as Fintech. Although some of these technologies are no longer new to the field, the use and development of these Fintech continue to grow. The interest of the financial and banking world in these technologies is reinforced by the emergence of new tools that open up possibilities that are sometimes unprecedented and that make it possible, in principle, to reshape and, sometimes, optimise existing processes, affecting all financial players in the process.

However, these financial technologies raise complex technological and legal issues. These include the processing and security of often sensitive data, the regulation of Fintech, the democratisation of access to stock markets, which sometimes affects their volatility, and the emerging technical standards by which the players in the field try to counter as much as possible the multiple risks inherent in technologies and data sharing.

This first series, combining conferences and industry webinars, aims to present a critical and practical view of Fintech. On one hand, we will explore the scientific perspective from the perspectives of law and computer science in particular, in order to identify how these disciplines respond to the challenges posed by Fintech. On the other hand, we have solicited the intervention of industry players in the fields of finance and Fintech, in order to examine the practical application of theoretical solutions. This approach will allow us to address various topics, such as the Canadian regulation of Fintechs, financial data processing, AI behavioural science in finance, financial standards, monetary sovereignty and many others.



Title Speaker Date Information
Emerging Crypto-Asset Jurisdictional Uncertainties and Regulatory Gaps Dr Ryan Clements, Chair - Business Law & Regulation, University of Calgary November 10, 2021 🔗Link
Taking Privacy Seriously: Design and Regulation of Digital Flat Currency Pr Rohan Grey, Willamette University January 24, 2022 🔗Link
FinTechs et sécurité : risques et perspectives Qohash & Station FinTech February 8, 2022 🔗Link
Les technonormativités financières Pr Marina Teller (Université Côte d’Azur), Director of the Chaire 3I.A. "Droit Économique et I.A." September 29, 2022 🔗Link

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