Le projet AJC dans The Lawyer’s Daily | Université de Montréal AI initiative seeks to improve access to justice

Nearly a decade after co-founding Cyberjustice Laboratory, a hub that analyzes the impact of technologies on justice while developing concrete technological tools that are adapted to the reality of justice systems, Karim Benyekhlef and Fabien Gélinas have set their sights on artificial intelligence (AI).
Autonomy through Cyberjustice Technologies (ACT), the latest brainchild of the Cyberjustice Laboratory, is the largest international multidisciplinary research initiative that seeks to leverage AI to increase access to justice while providing justice stakeholders with a roadmap to help them develop technology that is better adapted to justice…

The Lawyer’s Daily, Section Civil Litigation
Thursday, January 02, 2020 @ 5:53 AM | By Luis Millan

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