AI’s Law Connection: Machine Learning’s Push in Legal and Access to Justice Initiatives

Let’s drop the notion of robot lawyer. Sure, it might sound more interesting than, say, an algorithm that enables the interpreting of contracts at a pace no human could ever keep up with, but isn’t the latter actually useful?

Well, considering the previous statement, if you’re a contract attorney, perhaps not. IBM’s Brian Kuhn is more than familiar with this sentiment, yet he stresses that attorneys merely need to see the benefits of artificial intelligence to feel at ease.

Co-creator of IBM’s Watson Legal—yes, that Watson that won Jeopardy and in legal technology circles is often associated with ROSS Intelligence and Thomson Reuters—Kuhn says that AI’s ability to allow users to make sense of unstructured data lends itself to a higher level of client service. For example, corporate law departments can use AI to analyze outside counsel. Further, it can be applied to access to justice initiatives by helping people that can’t afford legal services interpret documents, determine their legal rights, and so on.

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